About Us

Quality Cleaning Guaranteed: (724)-863-4412

10665 Center Highway, North Huntingdon, PA 15642

S&D Window Cleaning LLC.

  • Our services offerings give you maximum flexibility to purchase cleaning service in a manner that you want. We offer both interval and as-need window cleaning services
    • Annual
    • Biannual
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly
    • Special Occasions and Events
  • ​No contract required; however, we will gladly accept contracts if you require it.
  • Reminder and or courtesy call available upon request.
  • We leave an invoice so you can look the work over before you pay.
  • Convenient Payment Options: 
    • You can pay at the time of cleaning or submit your payment over the next 30 days.
    • We accept cash, checks and major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Try our convenient "PAY" tab at no extra charge from SD Window Cleaning LLC.
  • We also offer gift certificates so you can easily give the gift of clean windows!
  • We do not use subcontractors, EVER!
  • S&D Window Cleaning LLC is BOTH bonded AND insured.
  • Established in 1977, we've been your neighbor for decades!
  • World class safety record and practices.
    • ​S&D Window Cleaning LLC only works with clearly labeled vehicles.
    • S&D Window Cleaning LLC associates always work with company logo'd apparel.
  • Environmentally responsible, we care about you and the environment where you live.
  • Socially responsible, we hire and do business without discrimination to race, gender, religion, age, or ethnicity.